Main. Combi Eco Elite

Main. Combi Eco Elite. Fault Finding

1. If a fault occurs on the boiler an error code may be shown
by the facia display.

2. The codes are either two or three digit, preceded by the
letter ‘E’. For example, code E133 will be displayed by ‘E1′
alternating with ’33’, like below.

E50 is shown as ‘E’ then ’50’

E20, E28 & E50 indicate faulty or incorrect components.

E110 shows overheat of the primary water.

E119 is displayed when the primary water pressure is less
than 0.5 bar.

E133 indicates that the gas supply has been interrupted,
ignition has failed or the flame has not been detected.

E125 is displayed in either of two situations:-
i) If within 15 seconds of the burner lighting the boiler
temperature has not changed by 1°.
ii) If within 10 minutes of the burner lighting the boiler
temperature twice exceeds the selected temperature by 30°.
In these instances poor primary circulation is indicated.

3. By turning the selector switch to the ‘Reset’ position for a
minimum of 5 seconds when E110 & E133 are displayed it is
possible to relight the boiler.

4. If this does not have any effect, or the codes are displayed
regularly further investigation is required.

E168. This could mean that your boiler has detected a problem but can’t work out exactly what it is; either because the boiler has been reset after developing a fault or because there has been an external issue, such as a fault with the electrical supply.